The COVID pandemic has taught Emily about the intersectionality of community with profession.  When New York City was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic, Emily embraced the energy of her community.  The people she met along her morning and evening walks when she left the house gave her the fuel and perspective to propel her forward at her job. Emily decided to take it a step further and highlight the advocates of her community that want to be heard.  As we have learned, a job doesn’t start the moment you walk in or sit down at your desk at your job.  Community and profession are profoundly linked and she wants the world to hear their voices as well.

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Sidney is a neighbor that inspires us. He dreams of being a motivational speaker and uplifts everyone that meets him. Sidney is constantly absorbing the positive energy of the community around him. He learns from every experience (good and bad). In the clip, he talks about overcoming muscle spasms and living with a disability.