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"Stillness Isn't Stuckness"

When I think of the word 'stuck,' the first thing that comes to mind is the scene from 'A Christmas Story' where Flick's tongue is attached to the pole after a triple-dog-dare on the playground. Thankfully, the fire trucks came and rescued Flick, and he could join his class again.

I've felt the feeling of being stuck so profoundly over the years that I equate it to the scene from the movie and always saw it as a call for help. However, recently, I've switched the way I view that emotion.

What if stillness isn't stuckness after all, and it's a call for rest, rejuvenation, and awareness.

Before this new mindset, I would have described these past two months as being stuck in glue. Except it's 2022, and we have entirely transformed how we see everything as a society.

We started the Advocate's Mic in the Fall of 2021 and came out with a bang. As we began to find our groove, the world slowly went upside down.

In November, right around the time families gathered for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, we learned of the Omicron variant. We were back on hyper-alert; Covid testing lines were around the corner, and family and friends were getting ill. Not only were we getting sick, but we were exhausted.

We were tired of this virus interrupting everything we set out to do. Whether it was spending time celebrating holidays together, in-person school for the children, and enjoying travel again.

As we are coming out of January and into February, we realize all we could achieve while staying still. The Advocate's Mic had some time to reflect and prepare for the months ahead.

We are excited to sail yet again and have big plans for the upcoming year. The team can't wait to feature our latest advocates giving voice to those that want to be heard.

Look out for our updates on social media, where you can learn more about what we are doing behind the scenes. Looking forward to this next part of our journey with you.

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