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We Are Good Enough

I'm finally back from a great trip to Europe. I embraced working in Paris (it's impossible to go wrong when you are a foodie living in a city where food is art). Of course, I heard more than a fair share of "Emily in Paris" jokes while there. One of the aspects that worked out for me was working East Coast hours and having the mornings distraction-free. I used that time to plan outings such as museums, gardens, bakeries I scouted, and trying new walking routes. It was funny to stare in the windows and gaze at food. I grew in so many ways, and after two years of a pandemic, I felt blessed every day to have such an experience.

When I came back, unfortunately, I got sick with the flu (I missed my brother's wedding brunch, which was a disappointment)! I did find a television show that kept my attention (even with a fever), and one of the episodes resonated with me. One of the main characters was dedicating her entire life to her job (so much so that it cost her health and her relationship with her partner). She was so driven by the purpose of her work that she made sacrifices at all costs. I watched her have a moment where she beat herself up and said, "I could have worked harder. I could have done more." I stopped and reflected on my own life as she said those words. Anyone watching the show at that particular moment would recognize that she is the most dedicated person in the series.

I often have moments where I feel the same thing about myself. I made a promise that I would remind myself regularly that I am good enough and I'm doing the best I can. It's all I can ask, and I hope through the Advocate's Mic, we gain insights from our speakers that remind us that we are good enough. And laugh a little on the way!

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