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Kieran Paul

Founder, Director and Legal Career Coach

Gradvantage Partners


Kieran Paul works with aspiring attorneys to obtain roles in top law firms and coaches them on how to move up within BigLaw. He serves as a mentor and is constantly connecting people, creating valuable support systems. We had a great discussion about his journey and how he is giving back to the legal community.

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Stephanie Singer lives in Norfolk, Virginia. She is a communications specialist at Mercy Medical Angels   (a non-profit that helps save lives with medical transportation for those in need). She is also a passionate autistic self-advocate, whose goal is for the workplace and society to treat autistic individuals with dignity and respect. Some of her special interests include writing, drawing, singing, 1990s/2000s Disney, and Tae Kwon Do. She holds a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and works as an instructor at a dojang (martial arts school) in Virginia Beach. Her motto is from a line in her writing: “Anyone can be a hero, just by being themselves.” Stephanie is living proof of this motto - she is autistic and proud of it, and not afraid to show up as her authentic self.