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Emily Witt is a legal recruiter, podcast host, pilates instructor, and proud New Yorker.  She has been in the corporate world since she graduated from Colgate University in 1998.  Emily has recognized there is a gap between the employees who want to feel more accepted in the workplace and their employers.  There have been many initiatives to address these gaps such as analyzing algorithms, hiring diversity consultants, and reexamining hiring initiatives.   She asked herself, “Why not ask the advocates themselves? They are the best experts.”  


Emily created the Advocate's Mic in the hopes to amplify the voices of these true experts.  She fully understands that it is not her own voice, but the voices of others that want to have a platform to relay their message to the decision makers at companies. The platform also allows her to do what she loves most, meeting people and asking thought provoking questions.   


When Emily is not working, you can find her reading books on her couch, swimming at Riverbank State Park, rock climbing in Long Island City, trying new restaurants, and getting on airplanes to unknown destinations.

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Creative Director

Laura is a graphic designer and photographer. Before moving to New York, she studied architecture in her native city of Cordoba, Argentina. She was drawn to anything creative from an early age, from drawing and painting to ceramics and photography. 

She has worked across various industries as a freelance designer, in-house designer, and creative consultant for the past 16 years, specializing in logos, art direction, photography, video, social and digital marketing.


Laura has always been passionate about social justice, and she is thrilled to be a part of The Advocate’s Mic.


She joins the platform not only contributing with her creative and design skills but in the pursuit of helping raise the voices of those who strive for more acceptance in the workplace. 


Laura spends her free time listening to science podcasts, hiking in upstate NY, walking across New York City taking pictures, and venturing on new creative activities. She is currently learning oil on canvas.

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